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Promises, promises

A number of you are waiting for me to follow up on various issues. Please be assured that I have not forgotten you. I regret taking so long to reply. I will try to catch up over the coming weekend (yeah, right).

-- John

DOCK Blaster troubles Wed Nov 11 9pm - Thu Nov 12 3pm

We noticed that one important feature of DOCK Blaster was not working during an 18 hour window from Wednesday evening to Thursday afternoon.

The problem was, if you were docking a molecule that was not already in ZINC and had to be built on the fly, the job would hang indefinitely.

This same bug affected the "molecule upload" feature of ZINC.

If you have trouble in this time frame, please simply try your job again.


More ZINC catalog updates

Dear ZINC users

Chemical Block
Chemical Block Building Blocks
AsisChem Building Blocks

We have also released new "by property" subsets
lead-like #1
clean drug-like #13

We are continuing to put out more updates as we can.

-- John

ZINC catalog updates

Dear ZINC users

We have updated the following catalogs recently in ZINC (both adds and depletes)

Princeton Building Blocks
TOSLab Building Blocks
Aronis Make-on-demand

A dozen more updates are in progress and will be reported soon.

ZINC upload fixed

We just got the ZINC upload feature working again today. It has been down since the cluster outage on the Nov 1st weekend. Thanks to colleagues in Mattia Falconi in Rome, Italy for bringing this to my attention.

Please tell me if something does not work. It helps me prioritize.

-- John

New Fragment-like and lead-like subsets of ZINC

New Fragment-like (#2) and lead-like (#1) subsets of ZINC were released yesterday (Nov 3, 2009). These subsets are updated to include over 200,000 depletions (compound no longer for sale) and over 300,000 new compounds (newly on the market).

We are midway though our fall update. These subsets will be updated again before the end of 2009. Updates to other subsets and catalogs are in progress and will be announced as they become available.

-- John

Why Use DOCK?

Sometimes people ask us why we think they should use DOCK and not some other docking program. Of course, we openly admit our bias. DOCK is the program we develop and the one we know best. But that is not all. We have put together a short presentation of why we think you should consider using DOCK for your next ligand discovery project.


-- John

Predicting new molecular targets for known drugs

Our Nature paper has appeared. Please check it out!

We are back

docking.org is back up. Many, many little changes were made, so there is a good chance some things will not work. If you notice something that used to work that no longer works, please write me directly jji at cgl dot ucsf dot edu and I will try to fix it asap.

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